Block-Chain-Martial-Art is a continuously expandable flow of knowledge input and experience in individual blocks. New blocks/methods are created by consensus and attached to an existing chain of Martial-Art-methods. Blockchain is a chained sequence of Martial Art Methods that is updated over time. It is a dynamic process called the concatenation principle.

Decentralized Blockchain-Martial-Art is not steered centrally, but managed as a distributive system. Everyone involved saves their own copy and updates it. The methods can be summarized in writing, for example, in Syllabi or by use of social media.


We work with a consensus mechanism. It must be ensured that an identical chain is created for all participants. For this purpose, proposals for new blocks must first be developed. This is done by validators, for example Round Table Alliance committee. Then the participants have to agree on which proposed block will actually be inserted into the chain.

This is done using what is known as a ‘consensus protocol,’ a set of quality norms agreed on by the committee.

The methods or knowledge on the Block-Chain-Art can be viewed by all parties involved. Blockchains thus allow a flexible and dynamic configuration and a high degree of trustability! Transparency and trustability have to be guaranteed!