Hamel river

What is (martial) art in this day and age? (Martial) art in Europe has to position itself with clear ideology and moral compass but be open minded. In the many hours of philosophical conversation with Grandmaster Han, Jung Doo we defined two pillars for the future of martial arts:
chivalry and block-chain-martial-art.

Ideology within an open environment!

Grandmaster Han, Jung Doo

Our river

Grandmaster Han was born in the village of Kanji, the place were Hendrick Hamel, first Westerner to write about Korea (1653), was kept a prisoner. I was born close to the birthplace of Hamel, Gorinchem. These places are spiritually connected. Our friendship and all conversations, we call “Hamel river” philosophy.

Chiefmaster Ernst Jan Rolloos

Master Han, Jung Doo

What will be the future for martial art? Ah, if I only knew. My wish for the future is to change the system so that it becomes universal. Now federations (present time) are kind of egoistic in their way of thinking. In this I mean how techniques and how the organization it selves are organized. I wish, and hope that all the federations can start to talk with each other. When they start to do this, they will find out that they really can learn from each other. From this we can build relations further, and bring the cooperation to a higher level.

First talk, the action…”